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Please enter either your Business Rates number or Local Authority Property Reference.

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(If you are unable to provide either your Business Rates Account number or your Local Authority Property Reference please email with your business name, address and your contact details including telephone number for assistance. Please note only one field is required to complete an online application.)

Business Support Grants Fund

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is currently collating business information in response to the Welsh Government announcement that businesses may qualify for a support grant. In order to prepare for potential distribution of grant funding please provide the following supporting documents.

If you have informed Business Rates of your occupation of the unit you will need to provide a copy of your business bank account.

(showing your sort code and account number and bank account name)

If you are unsure if you have informed Business Rates of your occupation you will need to provide in addition to the business bank account a copy of your lease or other evidence of your occupation.

If you are unsure please provide all evidence required as otherwise this may slow down your application.

State Aid Notification

This grant is being provided to you as de minimis aid under EC Regulation 1407/2013. You can find out more about what this is here: ‘de minimis aid summary’.

A grant provided to you under this scheme will be relevant if you have applied or are planning to apply for support in the future under de minimis.

The value of the support you are receiving under this scheme will be either £10,000 or £25,000 depending on which grant you qualify for.

You will need to declare this amount to any other support agencies that ask you how much de minimis aid you have had. For the purposes of the de minimis Regulation, you must keep a record of this grant for 3 years from the date you receive it.

Please include the Body providing the assistance/aid, Value of assistance and Date of assistance.

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The information and signed declaration provided by you for a Coronavirus Business Grant by Welsh Government is being provided on the basis that you are making a truthful declaration that the information you provide is accurate. In declaring that you are a ‘business in occupation within the Vale of Glamorgan’ entitles you to Coronavirus Business Grant support from Welsh Government. If you falsely provide information which results in an offer and acceptance of a grant to which you are not entitled may subsequently result in legal action being taken against you and legal proceedings will be taken against you to recover any monies provided as part of the Coronavirus Business Grant.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The information provided on this form will be treated as confidential and will be processed by and analysed on a computer system which is registered under the requirement of the Regulations. It will be used only:

  • To establish liability to the Non-Domestic Rates and eligibility for other forms of statutory relief and grants in relation to Business Rates;
  • By authorised employees and registered external bodies (Valuation Office Agency);
  • To provide for management, administration and collection of Non-Domestic Rates;
  • Determining eligibility for business support grants in line with Welsh Government.

We must protect the public funds we handle and so we may use the information you have provided on this form to prevent and detect fraud. We may also share this information, for the same purposes, with other organisation that handle public funds.

By clicking ‘Accept and Apply’ you are confirming you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the support and that the information that you have provided is factually correct. Further information is available here

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