Report a Stray Dog

If a dog is wandering alone in a public place, it is classed as a stray - in which case we can pick it up and impound it at our kennels. There are many reasons why we do this:

If the dog is wearing an identification tag, all efforts will be made to return it to its owner. However, it is still an offence to let a dog stray even if it is wearing a collar. If the dog has been returned free of charge previously, then it will be impounded and we will inform you of where the dog has been taken. All dogs collected as strays are held for 7 days before being put up for re-homing. If in the meantime you wish to reclaim your dog you must pay a fine of £40.00 and the daily kennelling charges incurred. If the dog is unclaimed after seven days then every attempt is made to rehome it by the kennels.